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FACS 1 - Understanding Physical Development

Renee Allison

1 2 3
4                         5
6   7                       8
      12       13              
      15     16      
18                   19  

4.how a person feels about the way he or she thinks, looks, or acts
7.monthly shedding of the lining of the uterus
9.the period of transition between puberty and maturity
12.showing no symptoms of a disease
14.female hormone that stimulates the development of the female sex char.
16.female egg
18.refraining from use, activity, or indulgence
20.female egg that has joined with a sperm
21.stage in which a person becomes physiologically capable of reproduction
22.methods that prevent a pregnancy from occurring
1.unable to achieve pregnancy
2.female hormone that helps sustain pregnancy
3.the organs of the reproductive system, external organs
5.doctor who deals with care of the female reproductive system
6.chemical substances in the body that determines how a person develops sexually
8.having a single mate
10.male hormone produced especially by the testes that is responsible for the development of male secondary sex characteristics
11.manufactures hormones that control the body processes
13.few days of discomfort before the menstrual period
15.a sudden discharging of seminal fluid
17.medical test for detecting cancer of the cervix
19.to become pregnant

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