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Vimy Ridge

Arani, Genica, Priya, Reshmi and Selina

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4.Currie’s theory was that _______ would destroy enemy trenches and ________ wire, which would make it easier for the troops to advance
8.The German defenders were unprepared for the rapid advance of the Canadian forces and by nightfall the ridge was in _________ hands.
9.The 'Vimy Ridge' is a _________ _____
10.The countries that were part of the 'Vimy Ridge Battle' are France, ______, and Canada
11.By 1916 both the _____ and French forces had attempted to capture the Vimy Ridge
13.The constant shelling of an area intended to weaken the enemy's defenses prior or attack is known as a _________
14.The 'Vimy Ridge Battle' occurred in ____ (year)
15.On________ 9, 1917, Currie's plan was put into action
1.The victory came at a ____ price with 10 602 Canadians killed and wounded
2.Arthur Currie was a ________ _______
3.By 1916, Canada troops were seeing action throughout the _______ _____, which stretched from Belgium in the northwest to the Rhine River in the east
5.This was the first total Canadian victory with Canadian troops fighting together under Canadian __________
6.Canadians were now seen as professional troops who could be assigned to take any _______ objective
7.The Western Front stretched from Belgium in the ____________ to the Rhine River in the east
12.Soldiers who dug tunnels between trenches and under enemy placements are known as _______

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