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Learning review

Steffi Jesseau

terms for reviewing for exam 3 in learning and motivation

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4.when the probability of a behavior is decreased
6.conditioned fear response becomes stronger despite no additional aversive conditioning
7.first name of the boy who started out afraid of rabbits
8.pairing an unwanted desire with something aversive
13.when an animal chooses to work for food, even when it's freely available
15.reinforcing successive approximations of a behavior
22.using Pavlovian conditioning to reverse previous conditioning
23.this sometimes results when a well-used drug is consumed in a new environment
24.prolonged and intense exposure to something feared in order to get over fear
25._______ reinforcement is reinforcement that an individual did not need to learn
26.actions that will increase an individuals motivation during reinforcement
1.training a person or animal to perform a number of behaviors in a row
2.when the probability of a behavior is increased
3.the reason we develop taste aversions to unfamiliar food (not familiar)
5.genetically-based predisposition to learning certain things
9.behavior becomes stronger or weaker depending on its consequences
10.thought he could turn infants into anything he chose (last name)
11.extreme and irrational learned fear response
12.Thorndike's Law of ____________________
14.individuals natural level of emotionality
16.first name of the boy who was conditioned to be afraid of rats
17.pairing a previously successful product with a new product
18.didn't like the "supernormal" intelligence of animals (last name)
19.if a desired consequence is discontinued, this leads to _____________
20.Thorndike put cats into a ________ _________ to see if they could improve their time to escape.
21.During WWII, Skinner developed Project _____________

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