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Settlement of the West 1800s

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2.A group that petitioned Congress in 1785
5.The new republic required them to have access to land in the west
9.To settlers, the rights to take possession of western lands and use them as they saw fit was an essential element of
11.Found it difficult to regulate the thirst for new land in 1785
12.Inhabited the western boundaries regions of existing states to the Mississippi River
13.Were signed by the Cherokee, Choctaw, and Chickasaw tribes in the south
14."Grant us...."
1.pledge that "the utmost good faith" would be observed towards local Indians and that their land would not be taken without consent
3.Region north of the Ohio River
4.Drafted the Ordinance of 1784 establishing stages of self-goverment for the West
5.New York in 1784, where the peace conferences were held
6.Rather than ruling over the West as a colonial power, the United States would admit the area's population as equal members of the political system
7.Feared that an unregulated flow of population across the Appalachian Mountains would provoke constant warfare with these people
8.Faced conflicting pressures when disposing of western land and regulating its settlement
10.This group approved a series of measures during the 1780s to define the terms by which western land would be marketed and settled.

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