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Oxyfuel cutting

Ms. "B"

1       2 3 4
5                   6
8                 9
    10   11    

1.waste material that is left over from cutting
5.High pressure burst of oxygen that aids in cutting
8.flame with equal parts oxygen and fuel
12.flame with excess fuel, adds carbon to the puddle
15.Hiss sound, fire in the torch
16.the opening in the torch tip
2.material used for marking on metal
3.the space left in metal or wood from cutting
4.shape the cut can be if too much Oxygen is used
6.mixing oxygen with anysubstance. flame with excess oxygen
7.metal containing iron or steel
9.part on the OFC outfit that controls the high and low pressure gasses for use
10.lines on the OFC cut surface of metal
11.to make a start hole with an ofc torch
13.sudden pop. temporary fire in the torch tip
14.black material that formed on the metal as it was cooling after being made

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