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4A Revision Crossword

2             3
4   5      
6 7   8          
9               10 11

2.Police and army men have to wear _______
4.A long dress that rhymes with clown
7.Something that is very old is _______
9.ants, flies and grasshoppers are all types of _______
12.A word for the bags you take on a holiday
13.Girls like to wear this on their ears, fingers and neck.
1.You should stay inside during a storm or you might get hit by _________
3.Opposite of leave
5.Rainy, sunny and snowy are types of _________
6.When the weather is hot and wet it is _____
8.I'm going to wear a ______ for Halloween
10.What you wear to bed
11.Summer, Winter and Spring are all _______

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