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My Code of Character CW 1

1 2 3 4 5
  6                         7 8            
    9   10                      
15                   16
18 19                          
20     21 22                      
26               27      

6.find ways to solve my own problems and be resourceful
8.set goal and plan for my future
10.be a good sport and cooperate with others
11.be diligent in my work and do not give up
12.be honorable, so people can count on me
15.use common sense and intelligence in making decisions
18.make the right decisions and accept then consequences when I don not
22.show self -discipline
24.have the courage to do the right things
25.be kind to others and find ways to be helpful
26.obey the rules and do service for my community
28.keep my mind, body and surroundings clean and neat
1.have good manners and respect for others
2.set a good example for others to follow
3.honor commitments and be dependable
4.be responsible, reliable and trustworthy
5.always tell the truth out of respect for myself and others
7.be forgiving and do not hold a grudge
9.keep myself physically, mentally and emotionally healthy
13.have a positive attitude and be cheerful
14.speak clearly and listen carefully
16.obey those in authority and be dependable
17.be fair and tolerant of others
19.preserve and protect the important things in life
20.wait my turn and be patient
21.be well organized and be patient
23.express my appreciation of who care for me
27.be careful and aware

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