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Some of Isabelle's 400 Words

Stuart Gedal


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4.To supplement or add to something or an idea.
7.When you are always doubtful about the value of your work, you approach the work _________________.
11.The vanilla kind is used in many cooking recipes; The imperialist kind gave the West precious metals.
12.To take an animal species that has only lived in the wild and, over time, to train them to become accustomed to living in a human setting.
14.In American English, a person with no courage has no _______________. This word is also used as a noun to describe the wet soft tissue on the inside of an animal.
15.When two people work together with difficulty we say they have a negative _____________. When two people work very positively and productively, they have a negative _________________.
16.When police detectives use the clues they have gathered to develop a theory of a crime, they _______________ how the crime was committed.
17.Thomas Jefferson, who idealized poor farmers, had a luxurious lifestyle. He behaved _____________.
1.The process by which living tissue is ddis replaced after death by minerals
2.The way you feel when you do something that you know is wrong in a general way or is hurtful to another person.
3.A guest who wants to help cook dinner doesn't want to be a _______________.
5.When a species is endangered, the danger is __________________.
6.A way of arranging threads at the end of a piece of fabric so that the threads are separated from one another and show movement; a trim that is thin or aerodynamic.
8.Teaching objectives for a course or training activity organized according to time or importance of the ideas.
9.A word used to describe an area of the body or a an understanding of a problem that is more a feeling than a reasoned response.
10.A slow moving and uncreative process in government, law, banking, and other forms of administration.
13.Parents are role models but they are also _________________ figures.

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