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Treatment and Delivery Equpment in Radiation Therapy

Mia Screnci

This puzzle is based on chapter 6, 7, and 8 of Washington and Leaver.

4   5                             6
9                   10    
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4.Incorrect administration or delivery of a prescribed dose of radiation therapy
8.Provides the light-tight conditions necessary for the x-ray film and intensifying screens to work properly.
9.The area at the edge of the radiation beam at which the dose rate changes rapidly as a function of distance from the beam axis
11.Rotates on a orizontal axis on brearings on the drive stand secured to the floor of the treatment room.
12.Is 2 Words, A line representing various points of similar value in a beam along the central axis and elsewhere
15.A form of radiowave amplifier that greatly multiplies the amount of introduced radiowaves
16.Two images from different angles focused on the same point
17.3D picture elements
18.Fixed reference points against which other objects can be measured
19.Receives electrons from the Cathode as a target
20.2D picture elements
1.Image size/Object size
2.German for "breaking". Radiation that accounts for 75%-80% of the tube's output.
3.Means that the charged particles travel in a straight lines as they gain energy from an alternating electromagnetic field
5.Absorption of photons from the x-ray beam
6.What custom made blocks are made of
7.Migration of the gap through the treatment course
10.Time period over which the treatment will be given
13.Change in size, shape, or appearance of the structures being examined
14.Small oval depression in the cathode assembly

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