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Freak the mighty

Rory Magee

This is a crossword puzzle that is related to words in the novel Freak the mighty

1 2 3
4     5     6
10                         11
13     14     15      
    16 17            
19                   20          
      21     22          
  23               24
  25       26        
27                   28  

5.Max's grandma
7.a bond between two or more people
8.Max's mom
9.the entryway to a basement
10.the name of Kevin's wagon (2 Words)
12.Max's grandmother's specialty sauce (2 Words)
14.a young person with talent
17.a person who suffers from mental deficiency
18.Tony d's nickname
19.The name of Kevin's disease (2 Words)
21.a nickname
23.''tinted sucrose and bubbles of air''
26.what Kevin thinks is truth serum
27.where Iggy and Loretta Lee live
29.low amount of knowledge on a certain subject
1.to get rid of/cough up
2.Kevin's mom
3.a peasants food in the medieval times
4.Max's dad (2 Words)
6.a large ditch usually filled with water
8.Kevin's favorite food (3 Words)
11.another name for someone beautiful
13.Max's room (3 Words)
15.emptied or used up
16.a mechanical bird
20.what people called a girl in medieval times
22.a fascination of Kevin's
24.an adventure
25.the sacred oath of __________.
28.Max's grandpa

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