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Wortschatz 1B

1 2           3  
  6     7    
8 9           10
11           12
15               16 17        
    18                   19
  20 21                
22     23       24            
25     26        

1.Something is off
5.Doing the same thing over and over again
6.You have been a bad boy.
9.Not friendly but close
13.The opposite of nice to strangers
14.A little angel
15.Always finishing your homework
16.Grandpa is ______________.
18.If your a bookworm you find books _________________.
20.A mouse vs an elephant
22.The guy wearing the white hat
23.Another word for froh
26.I need peace and ______________.
27.Someone that likes someone but will not tell them!
28.A bobcat's tail is ______________.
29.A new born baby
2.Sits in the back of the classroom
3.Big and tall
4.Sleeping all day
7.No smiles
8.You make me laugh.
9.Just like the monkey named George
10.A _________________ Terrible, very Bad Day!
11.Drawing on the walls is _________________.
12.Loud and chatty
17.A ten mile run
19.Eyes full of tears
21.What sports games are!
23.Working out everyday
24.I do not feel well.
25.Both pretty and nice

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