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Chinese Halloween Party v.2

Su Sheng

Version two of our Halloween party crossword. 25 Halloween vocabulary. I didn't like the size of the first crossword. Also, we altered one of the hints/definitions because it was too easy and added a few vocabulary.

1 2 3 4
6     7            
8         9            
  11       12
      14 15        
16     17                
21   22            
      23 24             25

5.everyone wishes it was real
6.this creature's power source is the screams of children
8.a grey matter
9.the 10th in a year
13.a divination tool
15.all wrapped up
16.good fortune in Japan but an evil omen in America
18.ancestors called it Samhain
19.an eerie place that has no sunlight and the dead haunt the halls
20.waiting secretly everywhere you go and always following you
21.a male graduate of Hogwarts
24."Eye of newt, and toe of frog, wool of bat, and tongue of dog. Double, double, toil and trouble. Fire burn and ______ bubble."
26.orange harbinger of Halloween
27.they eat and fly during the night
1.say "hello" in the language of North American ghosts
2.becomes a killer once, sometimes twice, in a Western month
3.there was an interview with one in 1994
4.a member of a coven (rumored of an American singer, Stevie Nicks)
6.an ancient light that's brightest during the night
7.synonymous with eerie
10.electricity rendered these wicked things obsolete
11.costumed children's chant
12.hopefully you don't live in one
14.a popular Halloween monster who's always inside you
17.you can rest in peace here
22.the living dead
23.disembodied spirits
24.gives you cavities
25.stars' time to shine and a vampire's favorite time

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