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Canterbury Tales Pilgrims Knight through Cook

Ms. Thompson

1             2
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  10           11              
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        28   29      

1.Madam Eglantine
3.always able to get money from people through every vicious and immoral method
7.dressed in green
10.composes poetry and melodies
13.extremely thin on a thin horse
15.well-educated though her French wasn't the accepted Parisian French
19.makes people think he is busier and wiser than he really is
20.battles he fought were all religious wars of some nature
21.not of noble birth
24.makes white sauce that is the same color as pus from his sore
25.candidate for knighthood
29.everything he does is in violation of his monastic orders
30.red face and white beard
32.excellent shot with bow and arrow
33.best dish is creamed chicken pie
2.able attorney
4.expert woodsman
5.knows taverns and inns better than leper houses and alms houses
6.coy and delicate
8.deeply in debt though no one could tell
9.lover who sings lusty songs
12.helped many girls get marries after he got them in trouble
13.a real scholar
14.most socially prominent person on the trip
15.more a woman than a nun
16.large landowner with wealth
17.next to Knight, one of the most admired people on the pilgrimage
22.bald headed
23.what the Haberdasher, Dyer, Carpenter, Weaver, and Carpet Maker belong to
26.knew how to bargain
27.lover of hunting and fine foods
28.student at Oxford
29.favorite food is roasted swan
31.has a running sore on his shin

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