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Chapter 8 Adaptations

J. Dollar

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2.A color or shape that helps an animal hide.
4.The death of all the members of a certain group of organisms.
6.Hibernating animals are this and very hungry when spring comes.
8.Have scales that keep them from drying out.
10.The food, water,air and shelter that an organism needs to survive.
13.Animals that are poisonous may advertise their poison with this to warn predators to stay away.
14.A behavior that an animal begins life with and that helps it meet its needs.
16.The heart barely beats, and _______ almost stops during hibernation.
17.These died out about 65 million years ago along with over half of all the organisms on the earth.
1.Have special parts that help them capture insects or small animals.
3.This bird travels farther than any other animal to migrate.
5.The movement of animals from one region to another and back.
7.A dormant, inactive state in which normal body activities slow.
9.A body part or behavior that helps an organism survive.
11.Have long tongues to help them catch insects.
12.Have webbed feet as an adaptation to help them swim.
15.Have stripes and know that living in herds helps protect them.

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