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Ms. Peoples


1 2 3        
  5 6    
  13           14                                
16 17                                 18
  20     21                      
23 24                          
  25 26    
    28     29          
  31 32  

2.Where do you go to get educated?
7.What is it called when we give back to the community?
9.What are you not allowed to do in Isolation?
11.What should you always achieve having when you come to the program?
13.What is something that you can obtain in a vocational school?
14.What form are you given in program when you sanctioned and need to process your thinking errors?
16.What should you do when you first wake up in the morning?
19.Where do you go to Rec on Mondays?
20.What does Process N Planning Stand for?
21.What is it called to make sure that you are clean?
22.What month does school conclude in?
24.What is held always the lastThursday of the month?
27.How mant words do you have to complete during study hour?
28.How are you transported to the CISP?
29.What type of writing utensil are you allowed to use during program?
30.What group help you to understand transitioning from a boy to a man?
33.What so you have to carry with you in the CISP?
34.What is it called when you have to precess with Mr. Nelton your progress in the program to move to the next level?
36.What do you need to wake you up in the morning?
1.What group help you to define your culture?
3.What does CISP stand for?
4.Who is the first lady?
5.Who is the person that helps you with your process here in the CISP?
6.What month does school start?
8.Who is the first black president?
10.What group helps you to understand your actions and who it effects?
12.What group helps you with your thinking process?
15.Who is your support system?
17.Document that has all of your work history on it?
18.Where should go after you complete school?
23.What are the two things that can happen if you deal drugs?
25.What does Morals mean?
26.What do you work on acheiving/meeting while in CISP?
31.What is that words that defines what you stand for?
32.What do you need to tell the time?
35.What group is held every Weds?

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