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Industrial Revolution

Mr. Berg

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1.New Class of society that formed during the industrial Rev. Made up of Factory Managers and new buisnessmen
4.Disease that spreads through exposure to dirty water
9.Change in the way food was Grown that increased production
10.New inovations in Farming that helped farmers improve production
11.Lack of _____________ led to outbreaks of various diseases in industrial mega cities
13.Energy source that allowed for the rise of
14.Country where the industrial revolution began
15.New invention that increased power and improved transportation
18.The common Work day was 14 ____ a day _____ Days a week
19.This working group was used/abused because their ability to use thier small hands in machinery
21.New Transportation method that allowed for the expansion of industrial rev
2.Form of Farming that best utilizes the field without destroying the soil
3.Three words that describe industrial london
5.Change in the way goods were produced that led to faster cheaper and more production.
6.Other than coal what other resource was need to allow the expansion of the industrial rev
7.The mass movement of people from the farm (rural) to the City (urban)
8.Before the industrial rev 90$ of people would have lived where?
12.New farming tool invented by Jethro Tull that more efficiently planted fields
16.This group of warkers was used/abused because they were unwilling to stand up and fight for higher wages
17.Organization that gives a stonger voice to workers allowing them to negotiate with factory owners
20.Three Factors of Production Land, ________, Capital

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