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Layout Tools & Procedures


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1.Term used for a group of synthetic materials made from chemicals and molded into objects
7.Tough, light, and durable metal
10.In a straight line
12.Rigid rule of 2-8' in length and folds into a compact unit
14.Type of square used to test the accuracy of cuts that have been made
17.Type of square that combines many tools into one
18.A plan or map
19.Cotton cord with chalk applied used to create long, straight lines
21.Flexible measuring device that rolls onto a spool
22.Very small, metal, sharp-tipped markers
23.The place where the tongue and body of a framing square meet
24.Small diameter material stretched tightly between 2 or more points
2.An instrument with all increments shortened according to proportion
3.A skilled worker
4.A device used to determine the dimension of materials or space
5.A sloping edge
6.Two sharp steel legs connected on one end that are used to make arcs and circles
8.An angle
9.A type of flat square with a body and tongue
11.A string with a plumb bob
13.Numbers or lines stamped or painted on measuring devices
15.An instrument used to measure the diameter or thickness of and object
16.Vertical to the axis of the earth or in line with the pull of gravity
20.Tool that determines if an object has the same height at 2 or more points

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