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Heaven Looks A Lot Like The Mall

Gabrielle Greenberg

Tessa is in a coma! Help her get out by finding all of the words.

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7                 8
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          11 12

1.shower shoes for camp are usually...
4.to let people know to move on the sidewalk. HONK HONK
6.girls wear a ---- ----- to prom
7.oreo is a kind of c----e
9.to write down everyones address in an organized way
13.after going to the bathroom you need to wipe with...
15.To keep your feet warm at night before bed and when you wake up
2.A little girls halloween costume is usually a...
3.A girls bar/bat-mitzvah makeup necessity
5.A stuffed animal everyone has had before (Probably)
7.easily breakable and you can color with them
8.a cup that is not glass but -------
10.special things you wear on your eyes when you ski so snow doesn't get in them
11.The solution to knotted hair
12.carry your pencils in one of these from class to class
14.Always smiling and has the perfect boyfriend named Ken

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