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Chapter 4

Sarah Mullins

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3.To prove someone guilty or innocent they must go to _____
4.place were people traded and bought goods from one another
5.Wooden frame with holes for a person's legs and arms
7.to prove to the guild that an apprentice has mastered there trade he or she must create a (2 Words)
12.In order to remove contaminated blood doctors used
14.Deadly contagious disease cause by bacteria, spread by fleas (2 Words)
15.type of religous play based on stories from the (2 Words)
16.The buying and selling of goods
17._________ were the only sources of heat and light in medievel homes
18.People put_____ into streams and canals
1.many towns became powerful and wealthy enough to purchase ________ from their feudal lords
2.In Christian Europe there was often predudice against________
3.Apprentices started around age
6.People played many activities in their spare time although the ______ frowned upon them
8.A organization of people in the smae craft or trade
9.______ spead rapidly
10.A person who has learned a particular trade or craft but has not become an employer or master
11.The land controlled by a ruler or lord
13.A person who works for an expert in trade or craft in return for training

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