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Unit 7- Georgia in the Revolution

Paine Froistad

Key Terms listed on Student Agenda for Unit 7.

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4.Signer of Declaration of Independence
7.delegate from GA who signed the constitution.
17.Document officially declaring the colonies independent from Britain's rule.
18.A direct tax on many items commonly used by citizens; newspapers, licenses and legal documents
19.Government checks themselves, and makes sure power is balanced between branches.
20.Believe in rightful ruling of Georgia by the King.
21.changed his vote to side with slavery, his vote made slavery legal in this colony
1.Militia attacked an encampment of 600 British Loyalists, though outnumbered, patriots rooted loyalists and won.
2.Slave who fought under Elijah Clarke during battle of Kettle creek, served in place of his master.
3.Main Weakness-Legislative branch had too much power, Strength-freedom of religion, and press and trial by jury
5.Conflict between Franch and England for control of rich fur area of Ohio River Valley (1756-1763)
6.Include Legislative Branch, Executive Branch, and Judicial Branch
8.Signer of Declaration of Independence
9.British recaptured savannah making Georgia the only colony to be taken back by britain during the war.
10.America's first written constitution. More weaknessess then Strengths.
11.Led group against loyalist troops, helped win battle of kettle creek.
12.Took place after Boston Tea Party; what colonists call ____________ Acts
13.Forbade colonists from settling lands west of Applachian Mountains
14.Signer of Declaration of Independence
15.Believed colonists should be freed from King's rule.
16.heroine from Revolutionary War

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