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Life Cycles in Personal Finance

Susan Smith

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1.stage that includes your best earning years; includes paying yourself first so you can have money to invest (2 Words)
4.family type of young adults who marry or become committed to each other and usually live together, newlyweds (2 Words)
7.families whose compilation doesn't follow the typical life cycle stages (2 Words)
9.child-bearing family with one or more young children to care for (2 Words)
13.stage during which most people start a family, begin a career, and start to earn a living (3 Words)
14.the highest grade or degree in education that you have attained (2 Words)
15.people who rely on others for their primary financial support
16.total assets belonging to you including money, property and personal possessions
17.pre-retirement family, but with no children remaining in the home (2 Words)
18.family with middle-aged parents and sons and daughters leaving home for college or their own residence (2 Words)
2.along with work ethics, these affect how much one earns and their ability to meet their needs. (2 Words)
3.stage of retirement from your job or career and consumption of your acquired wealth for medical and living expenses after retirement (2 Words)
5.amount of money a person accumulates over his or her entire lifetime (3 Words)
6.whether you are married, single, divorced, widowed, engaged (2 Words)
8.whether you are working or not, full- or part-time employed, self-or other-employedetc. (2 Words)
10.family of elderly adults who are usually, but not always, retired (2 Words)
11.your health factors: sick vs. healthy, able-bodied or disabled, injured or not injured (2 Words)
12.developing family with kids becoming teens (2 Words)

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