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Chapter 8

Annie Jacobites

1 2                        
    4 5                  
        6 7
  8                         9              
12                                     13  
  17     18          

2.abusive attacks through electronic channels
3.a type of conflict that is healthy and managed effectively.
5.both parties give up something to gain something.
8.certain atmospheres, or feelings, surrounding different relationships.
10.pointing out the worst-case scenarios verses the good.
11.posting hostile online messages to a more general group, such as youtube.
12.attacks on an individual rather than the issue.
14.a negative interaction between interdependent people, rooted in disagreement.
15.refers to how relational partners address disagreements.
16.a type of conflict that is managed poorly that has a negative impact.
17.a type of climate which at least one of the people involved are unlcear, vague, tentative, and awkward about the goals, expectations, and potential outcomes of the conflict situation.
19.posting hostile online messages to an individual.
1.a type of strategy the is beneficial for both parties.
2.when one avoids dealing with conflict because they don't like discussing certain topics with certain people.
3.the intentional instigation of conflict, often arisen by aggression.
4.a type of conflict where people involved feel threatened, this is an atmosphere of mistrust, suspicion, and apprehension.
6.removing oneself from the situation as a form of resolution.
7.asking questions that encourage precise answers.
9.a type of strategy where someone promotes the objective of the individual who uses them, rather than the desires of the other person or the relationship.
13.a type of climate that is ideal because it offers communicators a chance to honestly and considerately explore the issues involved in the conflict situation.
18.a type of strategy where someone avoids direct conflict and are good for quick resolutions but may leave issues unresolved.

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