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Who are We?

Amy Roth

Last names of people who have ties to Aurora Public Library in one way or another.

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2.Mom of the Waubonsie Valley High School 2013 Homecoming Queen
4.Aurora's police chief, who will have lunch with the winner of an auction item at this year's Imagine event
6.Circulation Services Manager who works at Main
7.Special Projects Librarian who wrote for a $10 million grant for the new library
8.Teen Librarian at the West Branch
10.Panera storytime leader on the east side of town
11.There are two with this last name: one who ran the worm races and the other who runs around Main as a page
13.Held the title of Miss Illinois
15.Has been known to wear a Santa suit at Eola Road Branch
17.West Branch librarian who organized the craft supply swap program last year
22.Fourth Ward Alderman for the City of Aurora
24.He drives the Bookmobile
25.TSD employee who has a birthday in November
26.President of the Aurora Public Library Board of Directors
27.Took over Fantasy Football League program after Librarian Frank Murray left.
28.Leads the Griot Book Discussion group at Eola Road Branch
1.West Branch Clerical Aide who is also a magazine publisher
2.Mom works at Main and daughter works at Eola Road
3.Early Literacy Specialist at the Main Library
5.Crystal and Theresa both work at the Main Library
6.Library volunteer who takes lots of photos at events
9.Curator of the Aurora Regional Fire Museum who is a member of the Foundation Board
12.Likes to ride his bike to work
14.West Branch clerk who was the employee portrait of the month for October
16.Leads BYOB Book Group with Magan Szwarek
18.Panera storytime leader on the west side of town
19.Page at Aurora Public Library who made flyers for teen programs
20.CA Room inhabitant who was a newspaper reporter before going into marketing
21.Aurora's Fire Chief who made a donation to the Imagine...the possibilities event
22.President of the Aurora Public Library Foundation Board
23.West Branch correspondent for the @ your desk employee newsletter

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