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Christmas Carol

Bryce Mulley

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1.Scrooge's office was cold damp and what else?
8.who is Scrooge's clerk? (2 Words)
9.Scrooge's sister?
10.What did the spirit of Christmas present predict that will happen to Tiny-Tim?
13.who's house did Scrooge get invited to celecrate Christmas at?
14.The spirit that wears a green robe? (4 Words)
16.What death does Scrooge prevent at the end of the story?
17.Scrooges's former fiancee?
2.which spirit wore black robes? (6 Words)
3.who purposed the toast to Scrooge at Bob Cratchit's Christmas celeberation? (2 Words)
4.who does Scrooge buy the large turkey for? (3 Words)
5.Who's face was on the knocker of Scrooges house?
6.What kind of cap did he spirit of Christmas past wear upon his heap? (2 Words)
7.what do people think Scrooges attitude is in the beginning of the story?
11.Scrooge's nephew?
12.The spirit who wears chains?
15.what child does Scrooge see that is crippled?

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