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3.One of Gardners multiple intelligences meaning the ability to discriminate amoung living things as well as sensitivity to other feautre of the natural world.
4.The tendancy for each succesive generation to have an IQ 3-4 points higher than the previous generation.
6.One of Gardners multiple intelligences. The capacity to use language to express whats on your mind and to understand other people.
7.A biological factor that can influence your intelligence eg. Down Syndrom.
8.The approach to intelligence determines by culture
10.Approaches to intelligences that use instruments to view the brain structure (MRI, CT) and functioning (PET), fMRI)
13.An approach to intelligence which uses statistical tools such as factor analysis to identify forms of intelligence
15.Moral obligations in testing intelligence
16.A type of thinking from Sternbergs triarchic theory. Meaning to synthesize.
17.The psychologist who thought of the multiple intelligence theory. Suggests there are a range of different types of intelligence
1.A form of Perceptual Reasoning that meausures intelligence. Consists of a series of incomplete designs or patterns that are completed by pointing to correct responses from possible choices.
2.Someone in the 1920's who used statisticals tools such as factor analysis to identify forms of intelligence
5.THe structure of the brain and what function it is.
9.What Sternberg's theory was called
10.This psychologist suggests that intelligence as an age related set of abilities
11.This psychologist suggests that intelligences involved a greater range of mental abilities than just those at school. As verbal performance ability.
12.This psychologist believes that unlike Gardner's theory of seperate intelligences. People do interlate different kinds of thinking.
14.One of the 3 acronyms for 3 different intelligences test Weshcler Adult Intelligence Scale.

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