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Chapter 13:3

Tori McKelvey

1 2
  3   4
  7       8   9  
  10   11                          
12   13                    
16                 17      
18     19                   20

5.The peasants didn't want to be peasants anymore and ended up killing 1,000s of people (3 Words)
7.Sort of like a meeting
10.Head of Calvinistic Church (3 Words)
13.Lutherans new name given to them by the Catholic Church
14.Belief that salvation is through faith and good works
15.Sold indulgences in Wittenberg by order of the pope (2 Words)
16.Teaching or practice
18.German monk who spoke out against the Catholic Church and triggered a revolt (2 Words)
21.Protestants got their name from protesting ________authority
22.In Scotland, a Calvinist preacher named ________ __________ led a religious rebellion, overthrowing the Catholic queen (2 Words)
23.a lessening of the time a soul would have to spend in purgatory
24.Protestants in the Swiss city-state of _________ asked Calvin to lead their community
25.The Peasants Revolt took place in this country
1.Head of Catholic Church
2.Luther posted a list of arguments for the pope and made sure he posted it where the pope would see it on the _______________ (5 Words)
3.Led a reform movement for which he was executed (2 Words)
4.Belief that salvation is predetermined by God
6.Idea that God had long ago determined who would gain salvation
8.Head of Lutheran Church (2 Words)
9.Place where souls too impure to enter heaven atoned for sins committed during their lifetimes
11.Priest and an admirer of Erasmus who lived in the Swiss city of Zurich (2 Words)
12.Southern Germany's main religion
17.Belief that salvation is through faith alone
19.Government run by church leaders
20.Holy Roman Emperor who held the diet of Worms to confront Luther (2 Words)

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