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organisms and disease (1)

gordon mackay

All clues refer to pathogenic organisms, the diseases they cause in humans and the symptoms and treatment of these diseases.

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4.a major bacterial disease caught by drinking infected water
7.a viral disease that gives you red spots
10.colour of an alginate laundry bag used in the hospital
12.bacteria form these in order to survive dangerous conditions
13.this can transmit infections via infected droplets in the air
14.a bacterial type that causes food poisoning
17.disinfectant for skin
20.colour of a sharps container
22.this type of pathogen often excretes toxins
23.something that bacteria prefer (as well as warmth)
24.this process completely destroys micro organisms
1.single celled fungus type
2.any inanimate object that can carry infectious organisms
3.the smallest type of microbe
5.sounds like an animal but it's an itchy fungus
6.this is used by some bacteria to help them move around
8.the disease caused by HIV
9.lives like a plant but doesn't need chlorophyll
11.laid by head lice
15.chemicals that kill bacteria
16.the process that involves an injection to protect you from some viral diseases
18.a virus is coated in this
19.an organism that causes disease
21.a general term for a high temperature symptom

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