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Business Law Crossword (Ch. 10-18)

H. Bonilla

1 2
4 5 6                                        
    7 8                          
9   10                                  
        11                     12          
    17   18                  
22                   23            

6.Time period within which a lawsuit must be initiated.
8.The relationship under which a person (the guardian) is appointed by a court to preserve and control the property of another (the ward).
9.A provision excusing one party from fault or liability.
11.Explicitly made contractual promise regarding the property or contract rights transferred.
13.Court order prohibiting a party from doing a specific act.
15.If it is possible for the agreement to be performed within one year it is not within the statute of frauds.
17.Restoration of the injured party to the position he was in before the contract was made.
20.Voluntary transfer to a third party of the rights arising from a contract.
21.Both parties have a common but erroneous belief forming the basis of a contract.
22.Discharge available to a debtor who obtains an order of discharge by the bankruptcy court.
23.Wrongful failure to perform the terms of a contract.
24.An admission in pleadings, testimony, or otherwise in court makes the contract enforceable for the quantity of goods admitted.
25.Wrongful or unlawful act or threat that overcomes the free will of a party.
1.Agreement of the parties to terminate their contractual duties.
2.minor's contracts are voidable at the minor's option.
3.An agreement that requires a person to commit a tort is unenforceable.
4.The unfair persuasion of a person by a party in a dominant position based on a relationship of trust and confidence.
5.A promise made to satisfy a preexisting moral obligation is generally unenforceable for lack of consideration.
7.Third party intended by the two contracting parties to receive a benefit from their contract.
10.Loss or costs the injured party avoids by not having to perform.
12.Is available in quasi-contract for benefits conferred in reliance on the oral contract.
14.Are generally not recoverable for breach of contract.
16.Express condition making performance contingent upon one party's approval of the other's performance.
18.Person who promises to pay the debt of another.
19.Items that reasonably supply a person's needs.

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