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Melbourne Cup

Pacific English Study

Puzzle contains words we use for the Melbourne Cup and horse racing.

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1.The Cup is run on the ..... Tuesday in November (5)
3.The Mathematical chances of the horses to win - eg 10/1 (4)
6.Favourite Cup Day bubbly drink for the ladies (9)
8.A young male horse. (4)
11.Where horses start the race from. (8)
15.They say the Melbourne Cup is "The race that ..... the nation" (5)
18.In 1985, The Cup became Australia's first ....... dollar race (7)
20.The prize for the first Melbourne Cup, run in1861, was not a cup but a gold ..... (5)
21.Female parent of a horse. (4)
2.What a jockey sits on. (6)
4.In a close result, the ..... finish is used to separate the place-getters (5)
5.In 1965, an international model caused a sensation by wearing a dress that showed her ..... (5)
7.City where The Cup is held. (9)
9.The barrier number that is nearest the rail (3)
10.What jockeys' shirts are called. (5)
12.What jockeys use to "steer" the horses. (5)
13.Used to "handicap" horses - the best horses carry more to slow them (6)
14.A young female horse (5)
16.Where horses compete - on a race ..... (5)
17.Male parent of a horse. (4)
19.Long neck hair of a horse (4)

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