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Geography of the Colonies Reading 1

Amy Compton

The SS book is a good resource for this. It will also make an excellent study guide, so keep it when you get it back.

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2.The ocean east of the thirteen colonies:
5.Weather patterns over a long period of time:
7.The Appalachians were a range of:
12.When soil is good for growing crops it is this:
14.The area beyond the fall line where soil was not as fertile and few people settled:
15.The colonies that had warm weather much of the year and fertile soil for farming in the tidewater area:
1.The area in the southern colonies where the flat lands came together with the mountainous areas:
3.The coastal area in the southern colonies that was good for farming:
4.An area of land claimed and controlled by another country:
6.The colonies that had cold winters, warm summers, good rivers and fertile soil:
8.The colonies that had the coldest climate:
9.Huge sheets of moving ice that move across land during an ice age:
10.The study of how land is formed by nature:
11.Things that humans get from nature and can use are called natural:
13.The country in Europe to whom the thirteen colonies belonged:

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