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Hanjin Shipping Trivia

by Rhea

Some trivia about your company in English, according to: www.hanjin.com and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hanjin_Shipping

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1.Named '2010 Logistics ______ of the Year' by Hewlett Packard Company
8.Chairwoman and CEO
9.This division of the shipping company delivers a variety of resources and raw materials through its ‘contract of affreightment’ with other companies.
10.History: founded in nineteen ______-nine.
11.Korea's first oil tanker, introduced in 1954.08
2.3rd ______ _______: Hanjin shipping and relative, Hanjin Logistics often conspire. Their teamwork allows the shipping division to provide logistics to third parties.[1] Its logistics network includes 13 dedicated terminals in Long Beach, Antwerp, Kaohsiung, and Busan among others and six inland logistic bases in such locations as Shanghai, Qingdao, and Port Kelang
3.Transports approximately 3.7 million TEU ___________ a year
4.President and CEO
5.Vision: The Global _______ Leader
6.Mission statement: We move _____ _____.
7.The shipping ___________ for this company are distributed internationally. There are fourteen dock yards that this company owns: four in Korea, three in the United States of America, two in Japan, and the rest in Spain, Taiwan ,Vietnam and Belgium.

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