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2 3   4
5       6         7
9   10     11              
  13     14
17                         18  
21           22                  
    23                 24

5.What continent is humankind believed to have orginated from?
8.This was painting on lime plaster
10.The sun god
11.A female figure that functions as a supporting column
12.Means Old Stone
15.A system of writing using symbols or pictures
17.Ivory was one of the characteristics of this Minoan sculpture...
19.What technique was used to date older paintings found?
21.Body of a lion and head of a human
22.Painting on lime plaster, typically wet
23.Latin for, "Wedge shaped"
25.Meaning, "Fortified city"
1.What does it mean to cut into a surface with a sharp instrument?
2.God of ancient Mesopotamia
3.When did potter'a wheel come into use on Crete?
4.What is the platform on where a temple was placed?
6.The fenestrated part of a building that rises above the roofs...
7.What is an ox skull typically carved?
9.King of Urak
13.This was the large reception halls in a Mycenaean palace...
14.King of Assyria
16.Formed in relief by beating a metal plate from the back, leaving the impression on the face.
18.What's a circle of monoliths?
20.A temple with a circular plan
24.A simple and massive gateway with sloping walls

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