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Chapter 7

US History

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5.Law that created a civil service system for the federal government in an attempt to hire employees on a merit system rather than on a spoils system
6.Government departments and their nonelected employees
8.Restrictions implemented by southern governments that promoted segregation
9.Farmers protested that railroads acted as a _________________________ charging whatever rate they wanted
10.Famous African American leader in the late nineteenth century who was a former slave and called for blacks to accept segregation and earn a reputation as hard workers
12.Law to disqualify African American voters by allowing the vote only to men whose fathers or grandfathers voted before 1867
19.Republican nominee for during the Election of 1896
20.The city where the Populist party set their platform of: unlimited coinage of silver, graduated income tax, government ownership of railroads and telegraph companies, and bank regulations
21.Reading and writing test formerly used in some southern states to prevent African Americans from voting
22.A former slave who used her newspaper, Free Speech, to fight for justice for the black population
1.Democratic nominee during the Election of 1896
2.This prohibited Chinese laborers from entering the country
3.Farmer’s organization formed after the Civil War
4.A group of Mexican Americans living in New Mexico who attempted to protect their land and way of living from encroachment by white landowners (The White Caps)
7.A former graduate from Harvard who criticized Washington’s willingness to accommodate the southern whites
11.Supreme Court case that established separate but equal facilities were legal
13.Most farmers favored __________________________ to create inflation
14.People’s Party; political party formed in 1891 to advocate a larger money supply and other economic reforms
15.Policy of designating monetary units in terms of their value in gold
16.Practice of the political party in power giving jobs and government positions to its supporters, rather than to people based on their qualifications
17.A farmer, businessman, journalist, and government clerk who formed the Grange in 1867
18.Paper money issued by the federal government

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