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computing and technology questions

as you go up as on higher numbers, difficulty will increase as you at least know the technology questions but it will become harder they range from how well your take care of your computer

to shopping,scams,and finally Japanese

1               2 3 4                     5 6                     7
8 9               10    
11 12                             13 14                     15            
    16       17         18    
  19 20       21         22               23 24                     25  
  26                                             27    
                          28                         29  
      30 31 32                                            
    33                                     34                                      
35       36                                   37       38      
      40                           41                    
        43             44                                         45
46                     47       48                                 49                    
            51 52                                     53            
54                                     55        
    56   57           58                     59              
  60                                     61                       62  
64                                         65                                         66  
68                                           69                                
            70               71
72       73                                 74                                         75    
                77     78                              
79             80     81                                      
  82                                       83     84      
        85   86                                                  
  88                                 89       90                        
      91             92                
93           94                              
  95 96               97           98                 99    
    101     102           103                                              
    104                                   105                    
            108         109                                       110           111
        112                       113 114          
                  115               116                       117          
118                                                               119  
                          120         121          
        124 125                                                        
  127     128                                                      
129 130                   131                     132          
    133                             134                        
  136                       137                                
  139                     140                         141                            
142                   143                     144                          

1.a wire that flows enough current to make the connections work
4.when you delete a file off of a memory card it is _____ _______
6.A buyer that didnt pay after 3 days of their time, a Sender adds it to the Buyers Account
9.A hardware setting that local area networks use to protect your pc from the outside world
12.battery is exposed to extreme temperatures.
14.when you create and edit a puzzle you are?
15.when a hard drive is on its last legs this is the time to_______ your stuff Now!
16.to make the words come up to is _______
21.Take care of your computer battery. Don't expose the battery to extreme heat or cold. If you take proper care of your laptop battery, it will last longer and hold a
24.A Laptop that is well suited for Everyday use
26.A card that has a maximum amount covering a check
28.A person that calls and says...... of how much you own regarding of credit card debt
32.in the pokemon games you could only allowed to have
33.This plan can help you get the most from a single battery charge. It saves power by reducing system performance and screen brightness
34.a setting that change from brightness to darker
36.another term is used for in Robocalls in scams
39.If you use _________________ , the battery will be drained quickly because it is powering several functions at the highest capacity
40.an option in most online stores that is fast by process the payment and then ship to them
42.you can use devices such as a
44.A postalworker that Delivers the package to its final destination
46.a program that updates patches and security flaws and fixes them
48.if your computer overheated it will
49.if the bateryless machine runs properly when connected to the adapter the battery has most likely kicked the bucket,shuffled off its mortal coil and otherwise became
52.you run the risk of not getting what you paid for
54.this is going to_______ ________
57.As a laptop battery starts to deteriorate, you will often begin to notice that it holds a charge for shorter periods
60.To come close to. To come near or close
61.to define a word from the dictionary comes from
64.At other times, you may wish to purchase a second battery to keep on hand during long trips or in case your battery runs out at an
65.a fault operation that halts normal operation to the blue screen
68.he racks up purchases that he wasnt responsible for and gets into a whole lot of trouble
69.this is the ______________ _______________
72.an action performed resulted from formatting
74.A folding guest checkbook where you get to write tips for in restaurants
77.the best laptop comes with a_______ of RAM
79.when your battery goes to zero WHR that means it
81.credit card issuers, on average, are still charging 14.9 percent interest on outstanding consumer credit card balances
82.A memory chip inside the computer that saves the time and date is called?
85.A billed member named on a credit card is agreed to pay the bill in full to continue get more
88.a recipient that didnt accept or the final attempt was made is returning back to the store where it was purchased
90.an audition site that you choose to bid or not
91.an email service lets users keep in touch
94.acer is the ________ _____ manufacturer?
96.always carry out of a second
100.Any literary matter added to a book, but not necessarily essential to its completeness, and thus distinguished from supplement, which is intended to supply deficiencies
103.can you count to find out how long your battery would last!
104.if your lucky you have a bit of advance warning
106.to Translate another word is the process of _____________
108.a software program that cures and keeps viruses out
110.pick any mode to start out with ______
112.your name
115.Debit card transactions can include POS transactions competed with a debit card, but also include signature-authenticated purchase transactions
118.the way a crossword puzzle has higher numbers is the _________ _______________ ____
122.when your recycling the battery this process is called ________ ________________
124.A statement that is sended to a Billed Address every Month
128.A Merchant that is processing your request through a point-of-sale terminal
131.this is microsofts recommended setting
132.Every battery has a designed capacity—basically the amount of charge that it's designed to
133.an incomplete installation interrupted by a or by an operating system freeze
134.A bussiness office
135.the crossword puzzle becomes harder as you
136.if you made a better size to a crossword it is______ ______
137.Raise the __________ level?
138.you can apply the appeal which is the unpaid item from ebay
139.If you run your computer on AC power most of the time, consider removing
140.did someone tell you that you ran out of room on a disk drive
141.without using spaces""""what are going to do as you go up higher numbers
142.A false person that professes to be a REPRESENTATIVE.
143.as you create files more and more will become
144.another term used in credit card payments
145.with a WORD search all your letters are
2.When a lithium-ion battery is allowed to totally ________,for a long period of time or the battery is losing its charge quickly, the lithium-ion battery needs resetting
3.a user has done all his actions and is ready to close the case
5.to create a difficult puzzle you must
7.A poster that guides you through your new computer
8.A scam that takes place in an email fishing for information
10.this option comes when all other methods has failed
11.if you expected to get a used computer be warned that a warranty is about to?
13.a service that is only available for registered owners
17.a helpful timesaver that can save your hard drive from a virus
18.a special image backup file is placed on a hidden partition
19.going to the maximum limit of a debit card
20.a service that requires more payment for more features
22.a bloatware software program which lets you get support after registeing
23.to remove a program from the desktop without closing it
25.a person that happens he is late on a payment. when that happens is charged interest
27.manufacturers only nofify a consumer by email when they registered it online
28.you are warned that once you delete and format at the same time. you will lose all your data
29.a head that reads or writes information on a hard disk
30.Service that is most enjoyable for consumers on most orders.once they exceed it. they can get it free
31.A server that hands you a bill after eating at a restaurant comes into a tip
35.a custom advanced option that warns the user he is about to lose his data
37.a hardware setting that tells when the battery is running very low
38.another term used while your shopping a man comes up to you and says its a
41.A consumer always want to get this option. the factors that come with it are super good
43.to fit all the words to this list,you much have?
45.an email that looks like if it would be real "but it turned out that it was a fake
47.currently used PC
48.A transaction your willing to pay
50.an amount subtracts that from the card and moves it to the hold position
51.you can close a program that is no longer responding without having to shut down windows
53.the mosted visited website to watch videos as is popular
55.a recipient that didnt expect a package was coming that required a Signature
56.floppy disk safeguard that prevents you from changing any information on the disk
58.a old type format used to hook up hard drives
59.Unfortunately, even rechargeable batteries have a life cycle and eventually fail to hold a full charge. You can fix rechargeable batteries once they fail to hold a charge, making them last even longer. Bring your
62.a device that prints onscreen to the paper
63.a very powerful that will take all its juice.causing it to overheat,which will be not good
66.I can take a laptop anywhere in my office and continue my work without benefit of wires
67.windows opens up a dialog box that cds run automatically
70.A laptop that is well perfect and well a traveler, road warriors.
71.a another Term used in the National Do Not Call Registry is _____________
73.if you didnt backup all your files you could
75.when you want to print something it is sent to the __________
76.to get prompt service and support is to get?
78.a person continues charging his card with purchases. soon he will be racking high in debt
80.battery has a short runtime and is soon dying
83.A machine that does what its suppose to do and selects debit or credit as the payment method
84.if you ever felt by a scam.you should never
86.the wisely used most email service is...
87.name one popular scam that is mostly vulnerability
89.when you clean install windows on an existing drive.you have to be
92.calls the phone{he verfirys the purchase information from a payment service and bills the member
93.When your battery is worn out, you won't really be able to rely on it for use of your laptop. This doesn't mean that you're out of luck. You will just have to
95.if you attach an _________ ________ device make sure you follow proper procedure before unplugging
97.become too easy,medium or______ ____
98.Scandisk reviews and repairs errors on compressed drives
99.the way to get a new hard drive is to
101.manages any swap file without any input from you
102.a recording that sounds too good to be true properly comes with
105.the very first thing when you turn on your computer
107.windows lets you choose which programs you want loaded on startup
109.A portable version now that the screen is smaller
111.a document,folder placed on a sepate drive away from the computer
113.A gauge that rates its overall life as the wear level goes up
114.if your battery life felt very shorter than usual it is a tellsign of a?
115.to make the words go _____ makes it go
116.A person that helps you with a problem,Order,Account and gets you up and running
117.A online store where you get all your goodies
119.to make bigger puzzles means you have to!
120.upgrading rather than installing over a clean copy can be a?
121.A commend on MS-DOS erases everything on a hard disk
123.putting a magnet on a hard drive becomes
125.when your battery gets to the point and doesnt hold a charge for very long there is time where __________________ is necessary
126.When a laptop battery wears out to the point that it can't hold a charge, there is nothing you can do to fix it. The battery is garbage and you will need to
127.Use one battery until it needs replacement. Lithium-ion batteries need to be exercised, so avoid buying a spare battery to keep for
129.this one is different
130.A person in real life without notice is being scammed. progress in active

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