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The Great Postie Crossword

Shaun Coruble

Test your knowledge of a day-in-the-life of an Australian Postie in 2013.

1         2 3   4
5     6       7     8   9   10       11    
    12       13                
14                 15             16     17            
        18     19 20                
21                   22                            
                    23 24                
25           26       27   28                                
    29                   30                     31
32                 33              
  34                   35 36   37         38    
        39 40                      
41           42 43  
  44   45                         46     47
48 49         50     51                    
52     53   54                          
56           57               58         59              
          60             61   62      
63       64             65   66    
        67 68               69     70      
71   72     73                  
74         75        
76     77               78         79       80
  81       82      
      83 84   85         86   87         88   89    
90         91                 92          
          93               94              
95       96 97     98       99                
  100             101     102         103   104         105   106    
  108 109     110            
111             112               113     114  
          115           116
118       119           120   121       122  

1.Our customers' favorite kind of letters
3.One of the three safety slogan words common to Post
5.The main delivery surface of most Posties shared by pedestrians
9.Time off when a Postie is feeling ill
12.New acronym for the old Dead Letter Office (DLO)
13.Equipment used by Posties to organise their mail
14.Australia Post headquarters is based in this city.
15.One of the three safety slogan words common to Post.
16.Articles of mail that are not relevant to a Postie’s beat or area
20.Type of Manager remote signoff Posties call to end their day
21.A person who oversees and coordinates postal operations
22.Type of meeting a Postie may face if late three times in a Payweek
24.Delivery bicycles are becoming increasingly of this type
25.Four of these define the culture under which Post operates
28.The people we call and talk to about our pay issues
29.The first half of the company name
30.Another name given to Large mail
32.Allowance given for working an hour or more over rostered shift
33.Customers purchase these to have their mail delivered
34.HPC is paid and calculated by each of these
37.A type of Post Office that is privately owned
39.A type of leave Posties take when a family member passes away
44.Another name for standard sized mail posties usually sort first
46.Time given to Posties to deliver every 100 UMS
48.New device Posties use to record all bar coded letters and parcels
51.Another larger mail transporting device used within a DC
54.A substance used by Posties to protect their skin during delivery
55.Acronym for the Union representing Postal employees
56.Safety equipment worn on the hands of Posties during delivery
57.A healthy mix of one’s working career and Life.
58.A person who distributes Depot bags around the neighbourhood
60.Acronym for a Doctor allocated to a Postie by the company
61.Green boxes where Posties collect mail to deliver
63.A basic tool of any Postie
64.One set of sorting racks on a frame.
67.Frequency that the NRMA magazines and Yellow Envelopes arrive
70.For this type of Allowance, Post foots this bill twice a year.
73.Time taken by Posties within a DC to relax and eat before delivery
74.Daily assessments read out to Posties prior to delivery.
77.One of the four Culture Pillars of Australia Post
78.Area where motorbikes and electric bikes are stored
85.Safety-compromising object or situation, indoors or on the road
87.Another name for a Postie's delivery run
88.Extra work allocated for rostered hours, or to cover vacant beats
90.In the bush, distance necessitates mail being delivered by this
91.Assortment of letters received by Posties after sequenced mail
93.Technical name for the old Regbooks
94.A person contracted to service our bicycles and motorbikes
95.The type of key Posties use to access their Depot Boxes
98.A hazard to look up for, possibly hanging over the footpath
100.A swooping hazard, the bane of many a Postie during early spring
101.Traditional bread and butter of every Postie
103.A road hazard Posties are constantly on the look out for
106.Acronym for time taken off for 10 years or more service
107.Acronym for a privately owned retail postal shop
110.Number of minutes Posties have for “cooldown” after deliveries
111.An important consideration in calculating the cost of delivery
112.Usually a bright yellow satchel with priority delivery
113.Acronym for a folding device for transporting and storing mail
115.Motorcycles Posties set these up while on the road at any time
118.Number of clues in this crossword starting with this letter
119.Name of a small meeting for individual teams.
121.Organization created to rally workers under one banner
123.Name of extended time off given to Posties
124.Wheeled device used within a Delivery Centre to transport mail
125.A group of Posties who deliver to a particular area
1.One of our valued customers who receives industrial leaflets
2.These plastic things come in three colours to help sort the mail
3.One of many of our UMS that deliver pizzas to our customers
4.Posties pass this around to initial each morning
6.An obsolete method of communication
7.The company that manufactures all our clothing
8.Customers send these small greeting cards to each other
10.Local stamps are slightly cheaper around this period.
11.Acronym for a Postie's Retirement fund
12.Held in groups where information is disseminated to Posties
14.A free service for male employees to talk about personal issues
15.Person appointed to facilitate a smooth running group of Posties
17.One of the four Culture Pillars of Australia Post
18.Last stop in the line for mail, hopefully at just the right height
19.A priority parcel that arrives tardy at the Delivery Centre
23.One of the four Culture Pillars of Australia Post
26.One of the four Culture Pillars of Australia Post
27.Legally required piece of equipment to protect the head
31.Name given to a letter to be sent on elsewhere
35.Type of Unaddressed Mail delivered to the bulk of our customers
36.Gender mostly represented at Australia Post
38.Mail that has been sorted by machine into a particular order
40.Agreement of conditions reached between the Union and Post
41.Acronym for gear designed to protect Posties
42.Posties must scan these upon return from their deliveries
43.Shop where Posties can transfer items for future customer pickup
45.Name of extended time off given to Posties for travel or rest.
47.An electronic form of communication customers use from home
49.A type of leave Posties take to attend to family medical matters
50.Book carried by Posties to record signature items
52.The journeyman of posties, on call to deliver anywhere.
53.Pouches on either side of a bike to hold mail during delivery
54.Acronym for the huge sorting Centre in North Strathfield, NSW
59.Acronym for a Postie's yearly holidays
62.The face of Australia Post and the one who delivers the mail
65.Acronym for mail to be returned to it origin. (Elvis sings about this)
66.Acronym for the red box customers deposit letters into
68.On your payslip, Mealies are this type of Allowance
69.Delivery equipment used without mechanical or electronic aid
71.Acronym for the technical name for advertising
72.Acronym for the use of a privately owned car for work
74.Number of days a Postie can take for Bereavement Leave
75.A small tray of standard mail that is neither Sequenced nor Rejects
76.One of the three safety slogan words common to Post
79.Customers may pay for this service if they are going away
80.Parcel type that is tracked electronically and needs a signature
81.The modules and desk that make up a Posties' work area
82.Type of allowance paid for delivering in unfamiliar locations
83.A road hazard Posties are constantly on look out for
84.Colour of a large unaddressed mail issue that arrives quarterly
86.Acronym for the building in which everyone starts work
89.Process of learning the skills, knowledge & methods of a task
92.What Posties apply for to be based at another DC.
95.A tool Posties use to alert customers to collect mail articles
96.A Postie who signs off out of office.
97."Man's Best Friend."…and potential hazard
99.Customary beliefs developed by education and training
102.The labels that identify depot Bags
103.Most posties look forward to this every other Wednesday
104.A white or gray receptacle used to store mail
105.Maximum allowable weight of a Depot bag in Kilograms
108.An alert notice in a bundle of mail for an impending parcel drop
109.The kind of certificate needed for taking Carer’s Leave
111.Equally important people in our diverse workplace
114.A practice that is grounds for dismissal and prosecution
116.Posties perform this activity ahead of their riding position
117.Acronym for an allowance paid for delivering beats in other areas
120.Performed every morning ensure their bikes are in working order
122.Acronym for sequenced magazine Posties deliver quarterly.

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