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Multimedia and Webpage Design

Gary Marbury

Answer all of the questions and write them in the box for review.

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2.How a presentation will be offered to the user; that is, the look and feel of the presentation.
6.a multimedia authoring software program.
9.Distribution achieved by arranging elements as horizontal or vertical mirrored images on both sides of an imaginary center line of a screen.
12.a design that has elements arranged on the screen without regard to the optical weight of elements.
13.allows the user to interact with a presentation and control how the information will be viewed; allows the user to be active rather than passive during the delivery of the information.
14.Function performed as the mouse pointer rolls over and points to an object.
15.are programs that allow users to run multimedia applications on their computers.
16.an animation program for developing 2-D animation delivered on the Web.
1.takes the user through a controlled, linear process.
3.programs used to create multimedia presentations, such as simulations and tutorials; most have some point-and-click features, but may require some knowledge of programming language concepts; i.e., Microsoft Visual Basic, Adobe Director.
4.The various elements relate to one another on the same screen.
5.Author of the presentation controls the flow of information in the application.
7.a point slightly above and to the right of the mathematical center of the screen.
8.The ability of an element such as a graphic, text, headline, or subheading to attract the user's eye.
10.authoring program that uses a movie metaphor with the user as the "director" of the movie. It has a scripting language called Lingo which has made it a popular choice for creating CD-ROMs and standalone kiosks and web content. It supports bothe 2D and 3D multimedia projects.
11.program that allows an internet user to play applications created with Adobe Director.

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