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Rotational Motion

Bob Bruce

Centripetal force and rotational motion terms

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2.The ______-______ law states that the gravitational force of attraction is inversely proportional the the square of the distance of separation.
4.The large gravitational force ______ which surrounds massive objects.
5.The _____ ___ _____ is the is the point located at an object's average position of weight. This would be at the geometric center of the object if it is made of the same material.
8.The product of a force and the lever arm applied.
9.A person in orbit around the earth would be continually falling around the earth and hence would experience a sensation of __________. He appears to weigh nothing, though his mass has not changed.
11.If the plumb line hanging from the center of gravity is not over the base of the object, it will ______.
13.The ______ ___ ______ is another term for the rotational inertia of an object.
17.The 3rd object from the sun which is falling around the sun.
18.______ equilibrium is an equilibrium of an object balanced such that its equilibrium is neither lowered or raised by displacement.
22.When planets deviate from their normal, expected orbits.
24.If a force is applied at the center of gravity of an object, _____ torque is created.
25.______ arm. The distance from the turning axis to the point of the applied force.
27.To go around an internal axis.
28.______ momentum is the inertia of rotation of rotating objects.
30.______ equilibrium is an equilibrium of an object balanced such that it can easily lose its equilibrium, because it is easy to lower its center of gravity.
31.A ______ eclipse is produced when the moon comes between the sun and the earth, blocking out all or part of the sun to the view of people in certain locations on the earth.
32.The line about which an object rotates or revolves.
1.______ force is a fictitious outward-directed force (center-fleeing). It is not real, though it seems real.
3.______ ______ is the moment of inertia of an object. It has to do with the amount of mass and also where that mass is located. Arranging the mass further from the CG on the average makes this term greater.
6.______ ______ is measured in radians/sec. and has to do with the rate of spinning of an object.
7.The _____ ___ _____ is the same as the center of gravity, essentially. This will not be true if the force of gravity varies. This is the average position of all the pieces of mass which makeup the object.
10.The ________ of angular momentum states that if no unbalanced external torque acts on a rotating system, the angular momentum remains a constant.
12.The large satellite which is falling around the earth.
14.______ velocity is measured in m/s and is directed along the outer path of motion.
15.______ force is a real inward-directed force (center-pointing).
16.______ gravity is a form of artificial gravity created by spinning a space station, using the centripetal acceleration to emulate gravitational acceleration.
19.To go around an external axis.
20.______ velocity is the velocity of an object moving in a circular manner, tangent to the circle of motion.
21.Sir Isaac Newton stated a law of gravity which applied to all objects in the universe. It states that every object attracts every other object in the universe. His equation has a universal constant, G = 6.11 x 10 -11.
23.______ velocity is measured in radians/sec.
26.______ equilibrium is an equilibrium of an object balanced such that it cannot easily lose its equilibrium, because it is difficult to lower its center of gravity.
29.A ______ eclipse is produced when the earth is directly between the sun and the moon and the earth's shadow covers part or all of the moon.

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