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13 English Colonies

Mr. Brady

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1.a colony created by a grant of land from a monarch to an individual or family
3.Puritan leader of the Massachusetts Bay Colony
5.Native American who gave the pilgrims the supplies and skills they needed to survive
7.Boston woman who challenged Puritan establishment and was expelled from Massachusetts
8.to limit the amount of something
11.the most important part of something
12.to name or mention someone or something exactly or clearly
13.wealthy Quaker leader who founded the colony of Pennsylvania
18.native American chief who led the fight against Puritan expansion in the New England colonies
19.a person who takes a religious journey
20.a colony controlled directly by the English king
21.minister and founder of the Rhode Island colony
22.an assembly of townspeople that decide local issues
2.the form of government in which voters elect people to make laws for them
4.belief that other people have the right to other opinions
6.a document that is issued by a government that grants specific rights to a person or company
9.to provide what is needed for something or someone to exist or continue
10.to begin or create something that is meant to last a long time
14.money that is made in a business after all the costs and expenses are paid
15.the basic material that can be used to make or create something
16.to increase gradually as time passes
17.tough leader of the Jamestown colony

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