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Linguistics Crossword

James Beirne

1 2 3       4  
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      16 17              

3.________ is a homophone of a fictional last name; it refers to a particular level of grammatical unit.
5.The ________ is the complementary antonym of the negative; together they make up the grammatical category of polarity.
6.The ________ is a synonym for the perfect aspect.
11.________ is a meronym of phonemes that is contrastive in most languages.
14.A(n) ________ verb is a hyponym of verb and a hypernym of modal verb.
15.________ is a homograph that can refer to a less sensitive thing or to a particular grammatical category.
16.In traditional grammar, the converse antonym of a sentence’s subject is its ________.
18.Words are holonymous to ________ as the former are made up of the latter.
19.________ is polysymous: it can refer either to the theme of a single sentence or to the subject of an entire conversation.
20.________ is a homonym that can refer to the function of a noun or to a box.
1.________ is a meronym of all true languages.
2.Grammatical mood is synonymous with ________.
4.Pejoration is a hyponym of ________ (2 words)
7.The ________ is a hyponym of mood that expresses a wish or hope.
8.In some languages, plurality lies on a non-binary continuum. In these languages, ________ and plural are gradable antonyms.
9.A copular verb or synonymously, a(n) ________,is a verb that links a predicate to a subject.
10.In Semitic languages, ________ is a gradable antonym of definite and indefinite.
12.Agent and ________ are converse antonyms.
13.The term ________ is often used metonymously for language.
17.In some languages, such as Pama-Nyungan, the ________ past and the ________ future are gradable antonyms on the tense continuum.

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