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Chapter 3: Nature and Nurture

Becca Johnson and Rachel Britain

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1.Human differences are nearly always the result of both ______ and environmental influences
3.A stressful environment can trigger genes to manufacture neurotransmitters leading to _________
6.Males look for ________ appearing females in order to pass their genes to the next generation
11.An approach to psychology where the society influences a person's self concept
12.Children in _______ cultures grow up with a strong sense of family self
13.All cultural groups evolve their own rules for expected behavior called ______
14.In adoption do kids turn out more like their adoptive parents or biological parents?
16.The structural subfield that studies the specific genes that influence behavior is _______ (2 Words)
17.Map of human DNA
18.What matters to individualists?
19.How many chromosomes does the average person have?
2.Threadlike structure made up largely of DNA molecules
4.The study of the relative power and limits of genetic and environmental influences on behavior (2 Words)
5.The idea that parents shape their children's futures comes from ________ psychology
7.Theory that proposes that we learn gender behavior like any other behavior - reinforcement, punishment, and observation (2 Words)
8.Environmental influences on behavior
9.In males, the nature of their aggression is _______
10.A psychologist that believes that principles of natural selection help explain why infants come to fear strangers about the time they become mobile is most likely a ________ psychologist
15.Shaped by heredity/genes
16.Identical twins are _____ alike than fraternal twins

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