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Project In Chemistry

Francis Rubio

4         5       6  
        7 8
  9                   10    
        15 16    
22             23      
24               25

1.a chemical element in its smallest form, and is made up of neutrons and protons within the nucleus and electrons circling the nucleus
2.the part of the solution that is mixed into the solvent (NaCl in saline water)
3.abbreviated mol - a measurement of an amount of substance; a single mole contains approximately 6.022×1023 units or entities; a mole of water contains 6.022×1023 H2O molecules
4.energy in the form of waves or subatomic particles when there is a change from high energy to low energy states
9.A substance possessing both the properties of metals and non-metals
10.a molecule that has gained or lost one or more electrons
13.relating to carbon containing compounds
14.the metals of Group 1 on the periodic tableanion - negatively charge ions (2 Words)
16.particles that fill their container though have no definite shape or volume
17.a substance that is made up of two or more chemically bonded elements
20.the phase change from gas to liquid
22.a neutral unit or subatomic particle that has no net charge
24.a compound that, when dissolved in water, gives a pH of less than 7.0 or a compound that donates a hydrogen ion
26.homogeneous mixture made up of multiple substances. It is made up of solutes and solvents.
27.phase transition from liquid to solid
28.the positive side of a dry cell battery or a cell
29.a substance that accepts a proton and has a high pH; a common example is sodium hydroxide (NaOH)
1.is the number of particles in a mole of a substance ( 6.02x10^23 ) (2 Words)
2.symbol Na
5.the average kinetic energy in a matter; measured by celsius, fahrenheit, or kelvin
6.the part of the solution that dissolves the solute (H2O in saline water)
7.A system's ability to do work
8.the temperature in which the substance starts to boil (2 Words)
11.the chemistry of and chemical composition of the Earth
12.a chemically bonded number of atoms that are electrically neutral
15.the number representing an element which corresponds with the number of protons within the nucleus (2 Words)
18.material that allows electric flow more freely
19.A state of matter which takes the shape of its container
21.mixture of evenly dispersed substances, such as many milks
22.the centre of an atom made up of neutrons and protons, with a net positive charge
23.a positive unit or subatomic particle that has a positive charge
25.the attraction and repulsion between atoms and molecules that is a cornerstone of chemistrycation - positively charged ion

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