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Concert of Europe and the Congress of Vienna

Austin Borders

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4.German Law which outlaws liberal groups to meet and publish newspapers that advocate German Independence.
6.Russian Czar who attended the meeting at the Congress of Vienna
7.An idea that directly opposed the old orders in Europe. Caused people who were ruled by foreigners have a sense of identity and independence.
8.A meeting that was meant to preserve monarchies in Europe. Russia, Prussia, Austria, & England met here to preserve the old order in Europe & reincorporate France.
9.Liberal Russian army officers who rebelled after the death of Czar Alexander I, because they wanted Constantine to take the position of Czar in lieu of Nicholas I.
10.Alliance of Russia, Prussia, Austria, & England that fought against Napoleon and helped to end the French Revolution. This alliance would later be known as the Concert of Europe
11.Hugely oppressive Czar who crushed the Russian Uprising. Became the most oppressive ruler in Europe.
12.French delegate at the Congress of Vienna who wasn't invited.
13.Idea of rapid change to solve problems within society. Opposed the mostly Conservative ideas of the Monarchies of the four powers.
14.English Delegate at the Congress of Vienna
1.Austrian Conservative delegate who was sent to the Congress of Vienna - huge conservatist
2.Young German students who advocated liberal reforms and German Unification
3.How the four powers at the Congress of Vienna operated through a system of mutual cooperation.
5.Rebellion in Spain against Ferdinand VII for a constitutional Monarchy. Put down by the French.

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