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anceint egypt

Adrienn and Marissa

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3.Were used to store grain from bountiful harvests so people would not starve during
8.This is government officals to carry out the pharoahs orders.
11.Around 2600 B.C., Egyptian civilization entered the period known as this.
13.To be present continuously or have a home in a particular place.
14.The god of learning.
18.To divide into shares and deliver the shares to different people.
19.Important or significant.
20.Represented as the faithful wife and mother.
1.One of the most important writings of ancient Egypt was _____ _______ _______ _______.
2.A type of salt used to dry the water from the body causing it to shrink.
4.Great stone tomb for an Egyptian pharoah.
5.Egyptian sun god.
6.The wrapped corpse known as the __________.
9.The proccess of treating a body to keep it from decaying.
10.A government in which the same person is both the political leader and the religious leader.
12.The god of the dead.
15.The river god.
16.It was once called a king but now called_________.
17.People belived these _______ controlled natural forces as well as human activities.

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