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A gentle test of reader recollections

1 2
4             5              
7             8               9 10
11         12       13                  
  16 17         18              
19 20            
  21                     22
        23       24          
    25     26                
27                 28                  
29   30                    
32   33       34       35                  
37               38        
43     44            

4.I’ll never win one
5.Fond nickname for previous Media Watch host
7.Allegedly the first wife of an Australian PM to visit a war zone
8.Two words that will get you into trouble with the Press Council
11.Tits McDinosaur, often seen hovering above Canberra
13.Everybody’s favourite Fairfax Lady Pages writer
14.Squirrel-cheeked commie-enviro political leader
15.Australia’s chief climate alarmist and Prius pilot
17.Causes everything bad (two words)
21.Worn to indicate superiority over female politicians (two words)
24.Victorian newspaper widely read in at least two Fitzroy households
25.The annual time of religious darkness (two words)
27.Twitter attention addict fired by The Age
28.Into which are placed the Rudds’ regrets
30.British city. Also a Brisbane writer who is TWT (Tough When Typing)
32.Global protest movement that achieved exactly nothing
34.Brandished in Iraq by George W. Bush (two words)
37.Exposer of the great Tony Abbott wall-punching scandal
38.Ex-SMH political writer, inspiration for The Simpsons’ cat lady
39.Avian elimination device (two words)
40.Former Liberal leader, future Labor leader
41.Host of the ABC’s Monday night hate
42.Faceless unionist who survived several Labor youth camps
43.Initials of weepy former Adelaide bank teller
44.How did Kevni cut himself?
45.How Bill Shorten says “other”
46.Cute misspelling of an ex-PM’s first name
1.English batsman who appeared in Kevin Rudd’s remembery
2.Carr-friendly election error generator
3.WA politician who decreases 30 years in age at election time
6.How posh Mike Carlton answers the phone (two words)
9.Millionaire actress worried about carbon
10.Circle-headed hockey stick science hack
12.Australia’s capital of strange names
13.Harmless plant food that never hurt anybody (two words)
16.Literally cried over spilt milk
18.Melbourne duck illustrator beloved in Iran
19.Side dish shunned by Tom Watson
20.Mayoral cyclepath psychopath
22.SMH bicycle lane vigilante
23.Deadly fundamentalist religious order
26.Terrorist musical troupe opposed by Julia Gillard
29.Kevni’s gotta do this
31.Alene Composta’s cat
33.Melbourne suburb. Also Brit-fakey SMH columnist
35.Blamed by the SMH for the Boston bombing (two words)
36.Eyewear-drinking Skyhooks dancer
44.Canadian enviromite named after a motorbike

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