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Introduction to the Eye

Sarah Covarrubias

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1.Pg 558 The _____________ oblique muscle moves the eye up and laterally
6.Pg 560 The front of the eye, bulges anteriorly
7.Pg 557 a transparent mucous membrane that lines the eyelid and the eyeball
10.Pg 559 Another name for "cross-eyed"
12.Pg 556 The orbicularis ________ is a muscle that closes the eyelids
14.Pg 561 The opening in the eye that allows light to enter it
16.Pg 558 A condition in which a person cannot properly focus the images from each eye, resulting in double vision
17.Pg 565 A biconvex, transparent, flexible structure that can change shape to allow precise focusing of light on the retina
18.Pg 556 Another name for the eyelids
20.Pg 561 A highly vascular, dark brown membrane that forms the posterior uvea
22.Pg 559 __________ Layer-- The outermost coat of the eye, composed of dense avascular connective tissue
25.Pg 557 ____________ apparatus-- consists of the lacrimal gland and the ducts that drain excess lacrimal secretions into the nasal cavity
27.Pg 561 The innermost layer of the eyeball, delicate, made of 2 layers
28.Pg 560 Forms the posterior part of the fibrous layer, glistening white and opaque
29.Pg 564 _________ Humor-- the clear fluid that fills the anterior segment
2.Pg 556 Hairs on the eyelid; help prevent dust and other foreign objects from entering the eyes
3.Pg 561 The visible colored part of the eye, the most anterior portion of the uvea
4.Pg 557 Lacrimal ____________ The tiny red opening on the medial part of each lower eyelid
5.Pg 558 All extrinsic eye muscles except for 2 are innervated by the ____________ nerves
8.Pg 557 ______________ duct-- After tears leave the eyelids they enter into this duct
9.Pg 556 _____________ Structures--the eyebrows, eyelids, conjuctiva, lacrimal apparatus, and extrinsic eye muscles
10.Pg 558 When too many tears are produced, they overflow into the nasal cavity causing congestion and the ______________
11.Pg 556 __________ senses-- the 4 traditional senses, hearing, taste, smell, and sight
13.Pg 558 Lacrimal fluid (tears) contins ___________ which is an enzyme that breaks down bacteria
15.Pg 563 The clear get that fills the posterior segment of the eye _________ humor
19.Pg 556 Short, coarse hairs that help shade the eyes from sunlight and prevent perspiration from entering the eyes
21.Pg 557 The saline solution produced by the lacrimal glands
23.Pg 558 You have 4 ___________ muscles, superior, inferior, lateral and medial that move the eyes in the direction of their name
24.Pg 561 The ___________ layer of the eye is the middle coat made of three layers
26.Pg 561 Another name for the vascular layer of the eyeball

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