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Do You Know Your Gaming?

Connor Horsman

a little quiz (of sorts) to help you brush up on your gaming knowledge.

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14 15                

1.The mode you play on first (It's not presidential)
5.The place where your character first enters the game
7.Puzzle game sub series
10.You are probably one if you're taking this
11.You play video-games on a gaming _______
15.They make the games
16.BANG! Headshot
2.Almost every game awards these to you
3.Hop, hop, hop
4.You hate playing with these
6.Almost every character has one
8.The main thing for controlling your character
9.A game made by a third-party publisher (2 Words)
12.You can get this in every shooter
13.These guys stay in one place the entire game.
14.You usually have many of these

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