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Greek and Latin roots


1 2
3 4                     5
6   7       8
9             10    
  13 14                  
    16                 17
  18           19    
20       21  
  23             24   25      

4.communication between 2 or more people or things
9.to have a severe mental illness
10.root word meaning "earth"
11.used to control the temperature of a room
12.the meaning of the root word "cycl"
14.to spread needed items out among a group
15.almost unable to be heard
16.all people who were born aroung the same years
18.root word meaning "touch"
19.root word meaning "row, rank"
20.root word meaning "word"
23.kind, caring and protective in a motherly way
25.the meaning of the root word "ast"
26.root word meaning "small, less"
28.to tear apart suddenly and violently
1.root word meaning "life"
2.to honor the memory of a person or event
3.root word meaning "see"
5.the meaning of the root word "photo"
6.root word meaning "mark"
7.to break into someone else's conversation
8.the meaning of the root word "ped"
13.the meaning of the root word "orig"
15.in disguise so you are not recognizable
17.something that is new, different or unique
21.the meaning of the root word "pel"
23.the greatest amount
24.the meaning of the root word "spec"
27.the meaning of the root word "cap"

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