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The Big Music History Review Puzzle!!

The Renaissance, the Baroque, and the Classical Periods!!

Fill in the crossword puzzle with the correct word or words to go with each numbered question. There will be no blank box between the words of answers containing two or more words!!

1 2       3    
6           7             8          
13     14                      
    15 16              
20   21           22         23    
        25                           26      
      27 28                            

2.The word Renaissance means _______.
5.A vocal piece for three or four voices is called a _____.
6.______ was the son of a barber-surgeon.
7.A new self-awareness and self-assurance...
10.The pitting of one melody against another is known as _______.
12.Perhaps the most important composer to help develop opera.... (2 Words)
13.When words and meanings of the words are depicted vividly in the music, this is called ______. (2 Words)
16.The portion of the Ordinary of the mass that is a joyful hymn of praise...
17.________ are a sudden change in the volume of a piece of music. (2 Words)
18.Wrote a short comic opera called "The Village Soothsayer."
20.Bach also wrote in the highly specialized genre of the _______. (2 Words)
25.The Renaissance was an ________. (3 Words)
28.The first of many great "transition" composers in music history... (3 Words)
30.Mozart died a ______ of a mysterious illness.
31.A piece of music that expresses only one basic emotion. (3 Words)
32.Combined the elements of comic opera and the French courtly opera...
33.George Frideric Handel completed the oratorio known as _______ by 1740.
34.Music in the Classical Period needed to be _______, not limited by boundaries of countries or cities.
35.One of the two different parts of a mass is the ______.
1.One of the most important French painters in the early 18th century...
3.A mass for the dead...
4.Any music that is not of the jazz, rock, or popular music styles... (2 Words)
8.Rhythmic patterns that were heard at the beginning of the piece and repeated throughout is known as ______. (3 Words)
9.An opening melody that was heard again and again throughout a piece of music... (3 Words)
11.Arguably the greatest composer of the Baroque era... (3 Words)
14.Watteau had been credited with being the first to use the technique of ________.
15.A contest between the rising middle-class art, and the falling aristocratic art... (4 Words)
19.A comedic form of opera... (2 Words)
21.Who is the patron saint of music?? (2 Words)
22.____ is the primary experience of human nature.
23.A _____ is a distinctly polyphonic work with specific and strict guidelines as to how each voice may be handled.
24.An important musical form know as the Anthem was developed by ________. (2 Words)
26.Gained a reputation as a child prodigy...
27.A belief in the importance of what we call the humanities is known as ______.
29._________ was able to function well under a modified patronage system.

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