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32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Catholics United for the Faith

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3."Keep me as the ____ of your eye." Ps 17
5.Jesus said those who attain the resurrection of the dead can no longer ____.
8.The four last things are death, judgment, ____, hell.
9.These Jews denied there is a resurrection.
10.The branch of theology that deals with the end of time and the last things.
12."He is not God of the ____ but of the living,"
16.The reuniting of each person's soul and body at the end of time.
17.Jesus said those who attain the resurrection of the dead will be like ____.
19."The King of the world will raise us up to ____ again forever."
20."That the dead will rise even ____ made known in the passage about the bush,"
21.Today's Gospel writer.
1.Today we hear from a letter to these.
2.St. Paul asked for prayers that "we may be delivered from perverse and ____ people"
4.A king tried to force the brothers to eat this.
6."Jesus said to them, 'The children of this ____ marry and remarry . . .'"
7.The first reading is from this book.
11.At the resurrection the bodies of the just will be ____ and have special properties.
13.The Sadducees asked a question about seven ____ who all married the same woman.
14.In the first reading, this many brothers were arrested and tortured.
15."Hide me in the shadow of your ____." Ps 17
18."Pray for us, so that the word of the Lord may ____ forward and be glorified,"

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