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1.When Jonas told his family about his ‘stirring’ dream, those feelings were suppressed by this
4.In this community, these reflection devices are hard to find
6.Jonas will receive his assignment at The Ceremony of ____
8.During Jonas's visit to the House of the Old, this man's celebrated release was recounted
10.The moniker of the Newchild that Jonas's father named
13.While playing catch with Asher, Jonas noticed this changed
14.In this peaceful, futuristic society, three of these will result in a release
18.Every year on this month a newchild is named and assigned to a family
20.After applying and gaining admission, matched couples attend this to receive newchildren
2.Wearing jackets with buttons on the back stresses the importance of relying upon another; this is an example of
3.Rumored to be "never quiet", this girl hoped to be assigned a birthmother
5.The most important Elder
7.Jonas's groupmate with impressive accomplishments (hint: Jonas was certain that he would be assigned to head Recreation)
9.The Giver is told in his point of view
11.This assignment ends after three years (hint: they never get to see newchildren)
12.The Department of ____ is where Jonas's mother is employed
15.Dream-telling begins at this tender age
16.Birthmothers, like night shift Nurturers, are not afforded this
17.Those who intently observe prior to deciding assignments
19.In this society, volunteering begins at Nine. So then, children are expected to volunteer this total number of years

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